Welcome to POWERR FACTORY Inc.

Powerr Factory Incorporation serves the customers across the globe with cryptocurrency mining equipment in retail & bulk with great price tags. You can find everything related to cryptocurrency mining hardware on our E-commerce platform. Powerr Factory INC. conducts E-auction of used miner lots which industrial mining clients can buy with delivery of pellets at their door-step.

Our Online Mega-Mart

In this market we try our best to provide a wide range of miners that are still profitable and are readily available to our consumers because you deserve the best. Our online mega-mart offers single products as well as lots of mining machinery both new and refurbished. The crypto markets fluctuate on a daily bases thats why we have come up with a solution of live bargaining in which you can quote a direct offer for any kind of equipment to our service centre agents and make your purchase according to your budget.

Competitive Market Analyzed Prices and Availability.

When new miners are released by Bitmain and other mining industry manufacturers, the whole sellers in china immediately purchase miners on a bulk order and monopolize the whole buying/selling procedure of miners thus making it out of reach of individual miners and even mining farm owners, the price surge is so much that it impacts the profitability and budget directly, Powerr factory Inc is here to help out in these troubled situations by purchasing in bulk but providing very low and competitive prices close to the prices set by the manufacturers and not the whole sellers.

Robust Crypto-Based Payment System.

Our Payment system gets your purchases done in an instant, from payment page to the delivery tracking terminal we take every precautionary measure implemented by Virtual Currency Laws Of United States of America to ensure a safe third-party based crypto purchase free of any personal detail of our consumers in the whole process and making sure you do your crypto transaction securely with the help of blockchain technology.

Our Credibility, Security & Experience is our trademark.

Being in the crypto industry and servicing consumers for half a decade, Powerr Factory Inc decided to open a state-of-the-art online mega mart for every kind of consumer with a scale able budget. We are a registered entity and take pride in providing genuine, fully functional and low cost mining machinery for everyone.

We are an email away reach us anytime.

Our Online mega-mart comes with 24/7 live support to cater our worldwide customer base. For any queries you can mail at our support center email and get any kind of crypto industry related information or advice.

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